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About Nilgiris

Mention Nilgiris and the first thoughts that come to mind are towering pines, blue skies, and lush green mountains. Tucked away in the primeval forests of the Nilgiris, Kotagiri a beautiful hilly retreat is One of the three popular hill stations in the Nilgiris besides Ooty (29 km), Coonoor (18 km), in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. that is often overlooked by travellers heading to its more famous neighbour, Ooty.

Kotagiri Situated at an elevation of 5,882 ft, is your quintessential plantation which is much more peaceful, quieter and more beautiful than Ooty. Tucked away in a corner of the Nilgiris, the place is located at the heart of the blue hills wrapped in shola forests. The place gets its name from the Kota tribes and in translation means the "Mountain of Kotas", which is housed amongst the tea estates and is surrounded by the never-ending mountain ranges which forms a fine example of paradise with its endless beauty.

It holds the distinction of being the first location in the Nilgiris which was to be discovered and converted into a settlement by the British Government and was also the first choice of several officials of the Madras Government to use it as a summer retreat. One can witness the colonial influence in the town, while walking through the streets, in its buildings and churches. The climate of the place makes it all the more attractive, along with the drive from Ooty to Kotagiri, which is extremely scenic and mostly covered with tea plantations on both the sides, wrapped in mist which gives out a magical feeling. The surrounding forests are well known for their herbivores and if you are lucky, you could stop the Indian bison walking through the tea plantation right next to you.